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Cultural Tours

On the path of the lost Civilizations..

In Turkey you will found the heritage of different civilaztions from the past. Even from the bronze period they are manufactures and ruins left that we thought, are lost forever. The ancient history of Anatolia (Asia Minor) can be roughly subdivided into prehistory, Ancient Near East (Bronze Age and Early Iron Age), Classical Anatolia, Hellenistic Anatolia, with Byzantine Anatolia spanning the early medieval period to the age of the Crusades and the eventual Turkish (Seljuk/Ottoman) conquest of Anatolia by the 15th century.

This tour is combined with the most "must see" sights we have in Turkey.
Starting with Istanbul (former names : Byzantium, Constantinople and Stamboul) you have a historical highlight on your tour. We going to spend nearly 3 days in Istanbul. What will be visit and what are your preferences will shape this tour.
The journey into the past will lead you to Canakkale, Troy, Izmir, Selcuk, Didyma, Bodrum, and many other great places.

Another interesting Route would be the Istanbul, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Antakya, Urfa, Nemrut and other places from east Anatolia. The Cultural Tours can be designed regarding your interests and whishes.

How to start or plan this Cultural Tour?
If you already done the research of what you like to visit, just let us know it. If not, please tell us what your preference is and we will do it. Of course we need to know how many persons will join this outstanding journey into the past. Also helpful is an approx. budget so we can adjust hotels, transportation and other stuffs like that. You can found the contact form below or just simply send as an email to our Travel Department

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