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The other tours that put a smile on your face

We have here in Turkey over 20 Top level Golf Courses. Most of them are located in Antalya region. In Bodrum we have one too. Also in nearby Kusadasi you will found a nice course. So get ready to play on one of these Golf Courses.

As long the human can think, they always had a dream of flying. With paragliding you can do exactly this. The most favorite place to do that is nearby Fethiye on the Babadag mountain. You can do Paragliding also in Ă–ren / Bodrum.

Drive like Vettel or Hamilton and feel the speed on your face. All big and famous drivers started with Go-Kart. Here in Bodrum we have in total 2 places. The Funtown offers you 2 different level skills (drift and normal) pists for Go-Kart. The other place is more for beginners.

We have in Bodrum a place with 5 courts where you can play Tennis. This place is hosting also some tournaments sometimes. If you like to get more info about the activities and prices just get in contact with us.

Wherever you go, you will find this game. It's very popular under the Turkish Citizens. There is even hold up nearly every month a tournament where everybody can play. A small fee is mostly required to enter.

One of the best places we have here in Bodrum for Paintball is the Funtown in Yahsi. Funtown offers 2 different areas where you can play. One of the compound is perfect for "Capture the Flag" game. You get full protection and the paintball who are used are first quality (burst directly after a hit).

Darts is a sports art that don't require very much. All you have to do is hit the target. This game was invented by the British and has come over more then 100 years very popular. Even big TV competitions are hold.

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